Travel Events Management

Destination VIP Masterclass Retreats & Events.

Complete travel and event management that allows coaches, trainers, teachers and their students to partake in interactive learning experiences complete with custom-designed, value- added components designed to compliment your curriculum.

Have you ever considered the impact of small group learning in a design specific location? A place and time where your VIP Clients have access to you over four to five days in private and/or semiprivate sessions. The value of a hundred hours can be achieved in a few days ~ progress is exponential. Let our Event Team build off of your curriculum to  include value addedcomponents such as excursions, spa appointments, private dining experiences and multimodality trainers that will compliment your expertise.

These packages are designed to elevate your business to the next level by promoting exclusive access to you and your brand. Let us show you how to maximize and monetize your brand with a Dawn Perry exclusively designed VIP Masterclass Event or Retreat.

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