Our Philosophy

How is it that we create authentic travel experiences for you, our valued friend?

 It is our people, our relationships, our passion that allows us to develop a “live there” versus “visiting there” experience,
while simultaneously enriching the lives of those in the communities we serve.

Platinum Travel Insiders is a comprehensive, boutique travel management firm founded on the core principle
of unprecedented expertise in luxury travel.

Our Destination Experts focus solely on traveling their passions, allowing them to gain expertise in their locations, events and activities.

This firsthand and refined knowledge base translates into eliminating the guesswork from our clients travel.

Through a unique collaborative approach, we have created a formula that is combines luxury travel with a “live there” experience.

Our Mission

From the very beginning of your authentic travel experience, it is our mission for you to be treated as our personal friend and guest.

Your vacation is our vocation . . . each detail of your journey is carefully planned and expertly orchestrated;
from your VIP travel lounge, chartered or first-class air, private executive transfers and your lodging, you will be treated as a valued friend.

It is our mission to deliver a customized authentic travel experience that leaves each of our guests with memories that will last a lifetime.

Because of the high value we place on the destinations we serve,
it is our goal to be always deeply invested in the lives of the people with whom we work,
thereby creating a WIN WIN. We do this through The Platinum Fund.

Our Vision

It is our goal to be known as the premier designer of authentic and immersive travel experiences
that will leave our guests indelibly marked by their experience.
Unlike travel packages created for the masses found elsewhere,
our personalized journeys are created to purposefully immerse you in the location of your choice.
With every detail perfected, our Destination Experts will design an itinerary filled with the pleasures of your favorite activities,
culinary brilliance and pampered relaxation.
“Because of our “live there” approach, you will gain local enrichment as you experience life on a local level.
The way it currently ends doesn’t make sense.
Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Our Culture

We place a high value on the culture we’ve created and the ones we visit.

Relationship is at the central core of what we do. It is a foundational value.

We hold passion to be a core value that enriches not only our lives but our clients as well.

Integrity, honesty and respect exist in all areas.

We are invested in each other’s best interests.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our client and then figure out three ways in which to exceed their expectations.

We are one step ahead ~ looking for things they don’t see.

Everyone matters all the time. We seek to thrive amongst the least of these.

We are living out a higher calling to meet needs wherever we are invested ~ in both the people and places in which we serve.

We are connectors ~ of resources to needs, of people to places, the makers of experiences that create enriched lives from all angles.

We do this genuinely, authentically and from a place of humility.

It is our goal to always become fully invested in the communities we are passionate about.

In short, everyone’s lives should be better because we’ve touched them.

Our Services

Private Jet Charters • Private Yacht Charters • Private Island and Villa Rentals

Travel Protection Insurance

Travel Security Services

Full-Service Staffing including:

• Private Chef • Private Security • Au Pair Services • Concierge Services • On-Site Travel Management • Transportation


The Platinum Fund, because we are invested deeply in the communities in which we work.